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Land Rover China has always gone ‘Above & Beyond’ in delivering rich and unforgettable driving experiences for Chinese consumers, especially through the Never Stop Discovering campaigns and the Land Rover Experience centres. People who have engaged with these driving environments have come away with amazing stories to tell about Land Rover capabilities and a love for the brand. Once they saw the value of a Land Rover, they wanted one.
The problem is not everyone has a chance to go on these experiences. The Virtual Land Rover Experience was created with the aim to deliver the same unforgettable driving environment to a wider audience around China. Through innovative technology and immersive videos, users experienced first-hand the feeling of being behind the Land Rover steering wheel as they conquered muddy climbs, steep drops and other hazards.
In just one month, over 1.2 million Chinese consumers have experienced the thrill of driving a Land Rover! 
By the end of the five-month period, the first-ever virtual driving experience developed for the Chinese market brought more than 5.4 million minutes of Land Rover excitement to millions of Chinese everywhere!
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