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Rockin' the VW Beetle in China

Rock guitar collaboration mans up a “girlie car” so that the new VW Fender Beetle sells out in just two months.
The Volkswagen Beetle is an iconic beacon for the VW brand, but over the years, it has increasingly become perceived as a feminine car.
This was a problem for Volkswagen. Why? Because you might be able to sell a guy’s car to girls, but you can’t sell a girl’s car to guys.
We were tasked with changing the perception and profile of the Beetle. We did this by launching a Fender Edition Beetle – a muscular vehicle collaboration with the music brand. This would raise awareness of the new third generation Beetle, grow its unconventional brand image and blow away any preconceptions that this was a “girl’s car”.  
We used our insight into the target audience to create the ‘Fun Machine’ campaign which through music would engage and excite, and bring back the good times of their youth.
The results were fantastic; over 1.8m people engaged with our music platforms; in under two months every Fender Beetle was sold; sales of third generation Beetle were up 70% vs. second generation and we tripled the proportion of male buyers (Confidential). 
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