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What do you do when you’re about to launch the new model of your biggest selling vehicle into a segment that’s in free-fall?
… when competition in that dwindling segment is getting hotter?
… when your wider brand perception is dominated by that one model?
…  when that perception no longer quite matches the aspirations of the segment’s core audience?
… when it’s also doing little to help your other models take the opportunities that their growing segments provide?
…and when failure just isn't an option?
You blitz tough targets and break records. For sales and share. For the model and the brand. Obviously.
Holden’s VF Commodore campaign shows how strong insights, smart thinking and compelling execution combined to both reinforce the ‘raw performance and style’ at the heart of Commodore’s traditional appeal, and seamlessly apply the ‘sophistication and maturity’ that their core audience, new ones for this segment, and those in Holden’s other model segments were demanding.
It details how a perception was re-engineered by playing with its accepted user stereotypes. By capitalizing on cultural icons. By taking Commodore’s ‘Westie’ roots and dressing them in black tie. By making the boy-racer grow up.
Sales and share targets that appeared untouchable were eclipsed, delivering an unparalleled growth of the segment and becoming the 5th highest selling car of any type in 2013. Enhancements to Holden’s wider brand perception helped it achieve 10.5% y.o.y growth across all models, cementing its No3 position for all vehicle sales.
Truly awesome, bro’….
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