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PROMIX - The right pill for your portfolio
Hindustan Unilever
With a gamut of brands and variants across moisturising, cleansing and make up under its prestigious banner, a leading FMCG player was lacking science and structure behind its advertising strategy.

Under the mother brand umbrella there were 2 Categories, 3 Sub-categories, almost 10 Daughter-brands and their Variants. . Lacking a holistic planning & budgeting approach, the mother brand was struggling in budget allocation within the complex portfolio. It was ending up wasting crores in its bid to fund all its brands. A generic budget allocator wasnít really adding value.

Most importantly, the agency planners were in need of an ADAPTIVE TOOL that would be fuelled by alogorithms based on meaningful information derived out of modeling raw business related data like media spends and brand track metrics. Such a tool would help decision making and enable planners to keep pace with the volatile competitive scenario and swap between brandsí changing priorities and allocate spends accordingly.

A unique brand-specific tool, PROMIX, was created that could at the click of a button, use its analytical intelligence to allocate the input budget across variants and media to its lowest granularity and also predict the expected brand KPI due to that allocation.
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