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Outcomes Based Digital Marketing Creating Sustainable Business For Grab
Online Taxi Hire Services
Since the launch of Grab bike taxi online booking services, its demand has always been on the rise exponentially, in Vietnam. However, Grab had been facing tough time to pace up the supply with increasing demand. The gap continued to increase at such a rate in Hanoi market that in the recent past it turned into a serious business challenge in the competitive bike taxi business.  
Hence the task assigned to us was to reach out a larger consumer base and to recruit bike taxi drivers at a faster rate to reduce demand-supply gap.
TARGET AUDIENCE: Students, Part-time workers, Freelancers, Unemployed, and Low- Labors owning personal bikes.
GEOGRAPHY: Hanoi, Vietnam
TARGET LEADS TO ACHIEVE: 400 over a 6 week period.
Our Strategy with “Customization at Scale” by exploiting programmatic solution through Vietnam’s biggest Mobile Audience Network “Light Reaction” really worked wonders for us. We used First party data , consumer purchase funnel insights and third party data in most optimal way with the help of DMP and reached out to potential consumers with tailor made message. We achieved new heights in the campaign and set new benchmarks in a very short span of 6 weeks.
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