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Nike believes "If you have a bodyyou are an athlete". In a country where women are putting sports on the back burner, our mission was to inspire young girls to get up and get moving to ‘find their edge’ through the transformative power of sport.
Nike set out to create a movement to mass motivate and unleash the potential of 400 mn. Indian youth through the power of sport. 
With India poised to be a leading economy, behind it is a young demographic, ambitious to carve out their future. However, the pressures of fighting for a seat at a prestigious college & following it up with placement into a big company, often takes priority over sports – best left to professional athletes.
Academics is one challenge and to add to that, girls in India, have to adhere to superficial standards on beauty. From a young age, they are discouraged from playing in the sun to avoid getting darker. Naturally, girls drop sport from their lives early on and Nike’s mission was to get them playing again, to help them ‘Find their Edge’. Playing a sport makes one unstoppable, no matter what the pursuit is and makes you better for it.
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