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Penny The Pirate
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Vision is critical to the learning and development of children. 
However, parents weren’t taking their children for regular eye tests – almost half had never taken their child – which meant many vision problems were going undetected. 
The reason they were neglecting their child’s vision was because it’s such a hassle – children hate having their eyes prodded (often leading to a tantrum) which is the last thing parents’ need in an already chaotic day.
Therefore, OPSM wanted to create a more enjoyable and convenient way for parents to get their child’s eye health checked.
Penny the Pirate was a world first: A storybook or app that enabled parents to screen their child's vision. More than just a marketing tool, Penny the Pirate is a certified medical device, gaining approval from the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia.
There are now over 126,000 medical devices out there in the community, ensuring that this initiative will have an on-going effect on children’s eye health in this country.
With 1 in 6 children having an eye issue, Penny has already helped to improve the lives of at least 21,000 children – ensuring their development can continue unencumbered.
And that’s the most important payback there is.
(OPSM Marketing Data, 2014)
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