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Coca-Cola spreads the spirit of Ramadhan to moms during fasting month
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Coca-Cola Far East

Ramadhan accounted for 18% of Coca-Cola’s annual sales in 2012, but this position was under threat due to cost cutting by rivals. We needed to connect on a more emotional level to safeguard Coke’s position, taking advantage of three insights: those who fast and spread goodwill will be rewarded; there is a sense of togetherness and sharing; and in-home consumption increases.
We created the “Sebarkan Semangat Ramadhan” (Spread the Ramadhan Spirit) campaign to reward mothers, who work incredibly hard during Ramadhan.
In partnership with local Malay radio station HotFM, we gave away meals, complete with Coke, so that families could enjoy iftar without mom having to work.
To kick start the campaign, we asked listeners to nominate someone who deserved this experience, which were shared on air and online, with the most compelling stories winning.
We gave away 5,000 meals, with dramatic results:
  • Sales volume was up 11.4%.
  • Nearly 70,000 new Facebook likes
  • Spontaneous Ad Awareness hit a new all-time high of 84%
  • Brand awareness reached 90.5%
  • Consumption intent rose +3.8%
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