B15. Best Sustained Success

Dip, Dab, Drop
Lowe Singapore
OMO, Rinso, Breeze
How to grow Sales 10 fold  in  3 simple steps.
The biggest opportunity for detergents in South East Asia is to upgrade mothers from Powders to Liquids - because liquids offer superior clean with less effort. The challenge is to break the century old habit of using washing powders that still work well and cost less.
For our mother, washing clothes is a 3 step process 
1.        Pre-Treat - scrubbing stained areas with home remedies (bleach, lime, vinegar etc)
2.        Soak - in detergent-mixed water
3.        Wash and rinse
In 2007, we launched liquids as a Superior Product that saves “effort and time” because it would eliminate steps 1 and 2. This failed.
Our mothers were convinced that stain-free clothes required the three steps and no detergent could replace them. We learnt that deep down, the three step regime gave her confidence and control over the outcome (stain free clothes). 
Starting 2010, we embraced these three steps and re-introduced liquids as a product that could do the job at every step. Her home-made pre-treatment concoctions could now be replaced with liquid. The only product needed for the entire wash.
To show how liquid fits her three steps, we created a device of ‘DIP-DAB-DROP’
DIP - your finger in the liquid
DAB - the stained areas with it
DROP -  drop the rest of the liquid into the bucket.
Trials followed and we saw increased sales that have grown 10 fold over the last 3 years.
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