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Flavors of Life – The Favorite Story of a Generation in China
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Wrigley‘s Extra
They say those who tell the stories rule the world . And at a time when ‘attention’ is the scarcest commodity around, stories people seek out and spend time with define the most effective communications.
This paper recounts how from 2010 to 2012 Wrigley’s Extra – a sugar free chewing gum – created the favorite story of a generation in China – transforming Extra from popular product to genuine icon that earned a place in the everyday culture of young Chinese.
Faced with slowing growth and losing share, functional advertising was no longer effective. Solution? Establish after meal chewing habits by showing Extra was not only ‘good for teeth’, but the right accompaniment for ‘all life’s ups and downs’
The Chinese saying 'Suan Tian Ku La' (Sour, Sweet, Bitter, Spicy) categorizes meals - but has the double meaning of 'All the Flavors of Life'. This inspired a meal-centric story of freedom following a young couple struggling to pursue their dreams – turning to Extra along the way to feel good and keep going.
It was voted the favourite campaign of a generation and viewed half a billion times online - raising Extra’s consumption 44% . Business more than doubled – incremental 10.3 billion pellets which laid end to end covered 6 laps around the equator and accounted for 82% of category incremental - fueling Extra to record value share 51%.
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