B07. Most Effective Use of Digital Media

Beyond the Wall
Colenso BBDO/Proximity New Zealand
Frucor Beverages
Mountain Dew
The Impossible Reach. Every street artist on the planet aspires to it.
Getting their tag, their art, where people will look at it and say “how on earth did he get it there?”. To the street-artists it’s addictive, and to the on-lookers it’s exciting.
Mountain Dew in New Zealand has a single-minded ambition: to help its drinkers take their passion to the next level.
In 2012 we enabled anyone with a passion for street-art to do just that. Teaming with infamous graffiti artist Haser and a team of tech experts we used cutting edge motion-capture technology to bring graffiti to life in 3D.
Then, recreating an online version of the motion capture technology we invited fans to push their own pieces to the next level and encouraged them to take it to the streets of the world with Google Street View.
Finally, we travelled the length and breadth of the country making sure our fans and their friends had the opportunity to engage with us in the real world, set eyes on the 3D graffiti and sample the goods.
The results were staggering:
• Brand health and engagement shot up
• A whopping 24% of our target market participated
• And most importantly in a declining market Mountain Dew grew 28%.

8com, New Zealand
ToyBox, New Zealand

Nick Worthington, Creative Chairman, Colenso BBDO
Levi Slavin , Creative Director, Colenso BBDO
Tamryn Kerr, Art Director, Colenso BBDO
Rachael Walker, Copywriter, Colenso BBDO
Tim Ellis, Group Account Director, Colenso BBDO
Samantha Parsons, Account Director, Colenso BBDO
Maria Bjorkman , Account Manager, Colenso BBDO
Matthew Abbott, Account Manager, Colenso BBDO
Eileen Cosgrove-Moloney, Account Executive, Colenso BBDO
Andy McLeish, Head of Planning, Colenso BBDO
Hayley Pardoe, Planner, Colenso BBDO
Sheriden Derby, Agency Producer, Colenso BBDO
Jen Storey, Agency Producer, Colenso BBDO
Aisha Daji, Punga Marketing Director CSD's, Frucor Beverages LTD
Joanna Hollins, Senior Brand Manager, Frucor Beverages LTD
Ivan Barge , Producer (Production Company), 8com
Katie Millington, Producer (Production Company), 8com
Andy Morton, Director, 8com
Duncan Cole, DOP/Cinematographer, 8com
Dan Kircher, Editor, 8com
Josh Fountain, Sound Design, Woodcut
Amanda Chambers, Animation - Executive Producer ,Assembly
Matt von Trott, Animation - Design Lead, Assembly
Rhys Dippie, Animation - 3D Supervisor, Assembly
Andrew Brown, Online Editor (Visual Effects), ToyBox
Dan Wright, Digital Creative/Art Director , Colenso BBDO
Paul Headington, Technical Director, Colenso BBDO
Josh Yee, Digital Designer, Colenso BBDO
Craig Thompson, Digital Designer, Colenso BBDO
James McMullan, Digital Producer, Colenso BBDO
Paul Sanderson, Digital Developer, Fugitive
Greg Forsyth, Producer, Fugitive
Mathew Tizard, Creative technologist
Kairau Bradley, Artist
Andy Jacobs, 3D artist
Gregory Bennett, Motion-capture technician, AUT
Bootleg, Sculpture build
Volunteer to Promote Volunteering
Leo Burnett Melbourne
SEEK Volunteer
SEEK Volunteer
Without the help of volunteers most charities would cease to function. The reality is, that every year over two thirds of Australian charities struggle to find enough volunteers.
10 years ago, SEEK (Australia's leading jobsite), volunteered to create a website to make it easier for all Australian charities to find volunteers. But with limited marketing support, awareness of the site remained low.
We wanted more people to know about SEEK Volunteer, so we started a campaign to raise awareness of the service.
Our creative solution: launch a mass participation idea that would remind the whole country of the feeling of satisfaction and purpose that comes from being a volunteer. Australian industry and individuals would be given the opportunity to become our media volunteers. They would take our message and volunteer to spread it through the media channels they owned and had access to - whether that space be a large scale supersite, a prime time TV spot, a blog post, celebrity tweet or even an everyday postage stamp.
Our goal was to amplify the US$76k budget and create enough impact, not only to drive awareness and site visitation, but actually increase the national volunteering rate.
The results:
Volunteer sign-ups rose by 557%
Over US$2M media value created from an initial investment of just US$76k, a return of 1:26
An estimated US$14M of incremental labour value created for Australian charities -- with a ROMI of 1:183.

IKON, Australia, Melbourne

Jason Williams, Executive Creative Director, Leo Burnett Melbourne
Andrew Woodhead, Creative Director and Copywriter, Leo Burnett Melbourne
Justin Nagorkca, Art Director, Leo Burnett Melbourne
Ben Cliffe, Planning Director, Leo Burnett Melbourne
Ari Sztal, Group Account Director, Leo Burnett Melbourne
Michelle Whitesides, Account Manager, Leo Burnett Melbourne
Katie Balfe, Media, IKON
Skye Boag, Media, IKON
Media Supporters
Media Supporters
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