B03. Most Effective Use of Sponsorship and Event Marketing

New Rules for Sponsorship, One Fan at a Time
Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
National Australia Bank
Footy (Aussie Rules Football) is one of Australia’s most loved sports. The long 9-month season culminates with two teams battling it out at the Grand Final, a match guaranteed to make history (and every fans’ dream to attend).
Sponsors are a large part of football. Logos adorn stadiums, fields, even players’ uniforms. However, while fans appreciate the money sponsors provide, most people believe they rarely go beyond writing cheques and plastering logos.
Last year, the AFL (Australian Football League) had 30 regular season sponsors. On Grand Final Day that number triples. The corporatization of the big game has upset the public for years, increasingly becoming more about sponsors than the game and certainly not the fans. The ratio of corporate seats to fan seats has become ridiculously disproportionate.
NAB’s challenge was to take sponsorship and prove its purpose. Since everyday footy fans feel like they’re part of their team, NAB wanted to help give teams the best possible shot at winning by having more fans at the game, and doing it in a way that differentiated NAB from the sea of sponsors.
NAB created the Stand-Ins campaign providing fans not only with tickets to the Grand Final, but a person to fulfill their game day commitments. This helped redefine the role and expectation of sponsorship as bettering fans’ experiences, not maximizing sponsors’ exposure.
The campaign significantly drove NAB brand differentiation, awareness and key attributes across footy and non-footy fans throughout Australia while driving customer retention and conditioning non-NAB customer acquisition.

Ant Keogh, Executive Creative Director, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
Rohan Lancaster, Darren Pitt, Tom Martin, Julian Schreiber, Creative Directors, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
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Kevin Ramsdale, GM Brand and Sponsorship, NAB
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Lesa Brown, Brand Manager, NAB
Katie Hynes, Senior Sponsorship and Community Manager, NAB
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