B03. Most Effective Use of Sponsorship and Event Marketing

Smarter Cities Connect
Ogilvy & Mather Singapore
IBM Corporation
Managing cities in growth markets is a complex task at best and a nightmare at worst.
Mass migration of people from rural areas into fast growing megacities throws up innumerable, complex and interconnected problems that can seem insurmountable. Such complexity requires smart answers, and there is fast-growing demand for IT solutions to citywide issues from those involved at national government and city governance levels.
But those people weren't calling IBM.
The father of "Solutions for a Smarter Planet" was being viewed by city leaders and government officials as being providers of 'server room solutions for big business' not as solvers of the 'Big Issues' that they were facing.
Rather than call IBM at the beginning of the process, our target picked up the phone to pure play established consultancies or to traditional competitors like Siemens, who had long courted clients in the public infrastructure segment with heavyweight marketing.
IBM had an offer that could compete: a complete, expertly managed end-to-end solution that could help modern cities in a state of flux get smarter. But reaching targets with high-impact events was proving cost prohibitive and relied on city leaders being ready to engage on IBM's schedule, not theirs. We needed a way to establish and maintain continuous contact, at a cost that made sense to the business.
This is the story of how IBM stopped trying to buy a place the table and started to earn a place in the conversation.

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