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Art of Money ( is a prospecting and lead nurture platform for GE Consumer Finance products (GE hereon in). Through a rich array of lifestyle content, we target credit card and personal loan prospects earlier in the path to purchase.
The site analyses content consumption and user engagement in real-time to assess the most appropriate product recommendation. 

It then drives targeted customer prospects through retargeting to product sites where they are up to ten times more likely to start the application process compared to other acquisition sources. The site attracts approximately 40,000 monthly engagements of which 25% are repeat visitors. Acquisition occurs through cost-effective native and social media targeting, which delivers an audience that is tagged and then retargeted to maximize on site engagement. This ultimately aligns prospects with a higher propensity to convert to suited GE products.

Art of Money is built on the principles of Content Darwinism (content efficacy) and through the ongoing optimization of custom scoring algorithms across content and users, the site personalizes and delivers the best performing content, according to interests, to users onsite and through eDM communications.

Content is created for three purposes:
·         CATCH: Aspirational content to drive prospects into the site
·         CONNECT: Content that is rich in value and utility to maintain and re-engage prospects
·         CONVERT: Product and solutions specific content to serve prospects as a lead to GE.

Automated business rules operate in real-time to evaluate channel preference (eDM, social or native acquisition), content preferences and user behaviour. These metrics position each user within DREAM, PLAN or ACT phases, along with an assumed score to understand their propensity to take up a product. Business rules then trigger personalized content to drive users to the next phase of engagement and finally to convert.

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