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Creatures of the Night
UM Sydney
Brown Forman
Suffering from an identity crisis brought on by the Jäger-bomb, we needed to create a campaign that reintroduced Jägermeister as the premium ingredient for a night out with mates.
It’s a strange but true fact: That in every Australian bar, within every pack of guys you will observe the same creatures of the night at play. In a major content marketing campaign, we created and socialised these fascinating archetypes.
We introduced these characters to Australian blokes by creating a vast suite of dynamic content and encouraged guys to tag their mates who best embodied these archetypes.
The creatures then started to fuel the banter on nights out by commenting on major events that commonly drove social gatherings, such as music festivals and the footy finals.
Our social team responded to their comments in real time, reacting to what was happening in the moment.
The results of this personalised and responsive social campaign?
Through social media alone we reached 88% of our target audience, with 15% of our target audience interacted with the campaign.
Better still, purchase consideration increased by 20%, with sales up a staggering 10% following 8 years of decline.
Jagermesiter was back in the centre of the pack.
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