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Tiger Beer
Though the world knows Tiger Beer as Singapore’s beer – the brand had spent the last decade building an international reputation at home. Not surprising, in a market that has always held international brands in higher esteem – especially in image-driven categories like beer. 
However, in today’s saturated landscape of more credibly international beers, its drinkers were no longer buying into it. Everybody knew Tiger was local, and saw it as just a tired “me-too”. 

We only had 1 choice – to embrace its roots as a Singaporean beer. Problem was, “local” brands had long carried associations of being more traditional and down-market – which didn’t reflect how our drinkers want to be seen. 

This entry describes how Tiger successfully turned its local provenance from a weakness to strength with its “Unofficial Official Beer of Singapore” campaign in 2015 – increasing brand approval and closeness amongst its drinkers, ultimately reversing a continuous decline in usage since early 2014. 
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