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DB Export is a New Zealand beer first brewed by one of the great entrepreneurs of New Zealand back in the 1950s.

Since then itís been brewed by men of action, for men of action. We wanted to prove that DB Export was the beer you should drink if you want to get out there and achieve something; and make a mark on the world. So, we invented DB Export Brewtroleum.

A Biofuel made from the waste that comes from brewing DB Export. The more DB Export we sold, the more Brewtroleum Biofuel we made. And we sold it nationwide through a partner fuel retailer. Now, men could achieve something ñ like saving the entire world though sustainable fuel production ñ simply by drinking DB Export beer. And drink it they did. Brewtroleum reversed declining sales and turned the brand to growth of 11%.

Amazing in a category thatís declining at around 6% per annum. And we produced 300,000 litres of Brewtroleum biofuel which sold right around New Zealand.
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