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After Dark Campaign
Ogilvy Beijing
Mercedes-Benz (China)
Globally, Mercedes-Benz is aiming to position the brand for a younger audience and nowhere is this more critical to its success than in China.
The all-new B-Class provided an ideal opportunity to tackle this challenge.
Our task: Pre-sell 398 B-Class and excite a younger audience about the brand.
Chinese families are evolving. Everyone is growing up but no one is growing old. While BMW and Audi had realized this, Mercedes-Benz had some catching up to do.
After a design transformation of the original B-Class from mature family compact to luxurious sports sedan, MBCL still needed to overcome its traditional brand image.The solution began with “Night Edition” B-Class, a limited edition car kitted out with cool black body details.
We ingeniously packaged the “night” into a marketing story, creating a youthful allure for an otherwise unremarkable car. The 8-day activity ran exclusively on T-mall with a teaser site leading to an online pop-up store, which, in contrast to a typical 24/7 e-commerce store, was accessible only during the night.
This innovative approach to pre-launch sales saw the whole fleet of 398 cars sell out within 2.5 hours on its opening night, generating 34 times the campaign expenditure in revenue, and 2.2m page views! Search volume increased 740%. MBCL’s brand tracking showed positive shifts in key “young” image statements, indicating the campaign reached just the right audience.
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