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Let Love Rule
Lowe Vietnam
Closeup is a toothpaste brand in Vietnam targeted at the youth. As a brand, Closeup is all about expressing closeness. For Valentine’s Day, we wanted the brand to get positive sentiments by helping couples express their love in a special way.

The young Vietnamese are uprightly shy about expressions of love. Expressing love is actually about overcoming fears, not conveying feelings.

Bypass the negative barrier of shyness with something positive - When we witness a real and uninhibited gesture of love, it moves us. It makes us want to pick up the phone and make one for ourselves.
The Closeup goal was to ignite that genuine feeling of joy in real couples. In turn, million others could draw inspiration from it.

Let Love Rule. The idea was to move people with a statement. We searched for real couples, who wanted to express love their own way, but were shy about it. We then co-created real-time surprises for their partners in the most unexpected places. These pieces of inspiration were used to spread, share and inspire many more for Valentines.

- The video content is the no.1 viewed clip in Vietnam with 4,500,000+ views– highest for any brand in Vietnam.
- 7 out of 10 people absolutely loved the brand in a post track survey.
- Closeup witnessed a turn-over growth of 22% and a volume growth of 14.9%.

Van Thi Bich Van, VP Home Care, Unilever Vietnam
Hong Van, Business Unit Director, Unilever Vietnam
Diem Vu, Brand Manager, Unilever Vietnam
Hoa Le Van, Asst. Brand Manager, Unilever Vietnam
Michel Borelli, Managing Director, Lowe Vietnam
Indraneel Guha, Director of Strategic Planning, Lowe Vietnam
Tobias Briffa, Planning Associate, Lowe Vietnam
Vy Trong, Account Executive, Lowe Vietnam
Vanessa Hurst, Executive Producer, Lowe Vietnam
Kumkum Fernando, Associate Creative Director, Lowe Vietnam
Chris Catchpole, Executive Creative Director, Lowe Vietnam
Sajju Ambat, Planning Director, Lowe Vietnam
Marc Biffi, Designer, Lowe Vietnam

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