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KANU: The Smallest Café in the World
Cheil worldwide
Dongsuh Food
The number of coffeehouses has increased tenfold in just five years. On the other hand, in 2011 Korea’s instant coffee market for the first time ever recorded a negative growth. 
Dongsuh Food, which has long held an 80% share of this market, had to find a solution to the challenge it faced. 
Dongsuh Food finally developed Kanu, a new product based on the concept of ground coffee that is instantly soluble in hot water. The coffeemaker first had to establish a clear understanding amongst consumers, upon tasting Kanu, that it is different from existing instant coffee products, and that it was equal in quality and taste to fresh-brewed coffee served at coffeehouses. 
The communication concept for Kanu, as a result, was characterized as portable brewed coffee, or “the smallest café in the world.” 
Kanu’s packaging was designed to be suggestive of a coffee stand and pop-up cafés in similar design were opened in downtown Seoul and Busan. Web and mobile sites were launched in the name of “micro Kanu café” to spread the experience.
As a result, Kanu pop-up stores attracted over 100,000 visitors in two weeks and almost 410,000 people visited the virtual café via web or mobile. In just a year after the launch of Kanu, competitors followed Kanu’s lead with similar products, resulting in the creation of a new category in the Korean coffee market. Kanu held a 94% share in the new coffee market with sales reaching 68 million dollars.

Creative Director: Youngmin Seo
Art Director: Young-gook Kwon
Jr. Art Director: Hang-rae Kim
Jr. Art Director: Youngmin Kim
Copywriter: Minsun Kwon
Jr. Copy writer: Song-ha Lee
AE: Chansub Shin
AE: Joohong Min
AE: Sangsin Park
Director: Dongsoo Kang
Producer: Yongpil Park
Sorry About the Twigs, Folks
Colenso BBDO/Proximity New Zealand
DB Breweries
Monteith's Crushed Cider
Monteith's Crushed Apple Cider and Crushed Pear Cider was a premium product in a massively competitive market. New cider brands had flooded the category, making maintaining price premium and market share a huge challenge. 
Monteith's needed to rise above the clutter and stand for something. Something that would differentiate it from the rest. 
So we placed simple twigs in our 12 packs of cider, and waited to see what would happen. 
Conversation and buzz happened. Across media, social media and at the water cooler. We then put out a public apology on billboards and online banners. We apologised not only for the twigs, but for the fact that we use real fruit in our cider. We were able to ensure that Monteith's stood for fresh fruit, and stood apart from the market, resulting in growth that was well ahead of the market and, ultimately, an increase in market share.

Media Agency: Spark PHD

Nick Worthington, Creative Chairman, Colenso BBDO
James Tucker, Art Director, Colenso BBDO
Simon Vicars, Copywriter, Colenso BBDO
Aaron Turk, Creative, Colenso BBDO
Marcelle Baker, Group Account Director, Colenso BBDO
Saya Tran, Account Director, Colenso BBDO
James Cummins, Account Manager, Colenso BBDO
James Hurman, Planning Director, Colenso BBDO
Sheriden Derby, Agency Producer, Colenso BBDO
Clare Morgan, General Manager - Marketing, DB - Monteith's
Rene De Monchy , Consumer Marketing Manager, DB - Monteith's
Jennie Macindoe, Monteith's Marketing Manager, DB - Monteith's
Alex Florian, Assistant Brand Manager, DB - Monteith's
Steven Boniface, Photographer(fruit), Steven Boniface Photography
Simon Harper, Photographer (bottle), Harper, Photographics Ltd
Kevin Hyde, Retoucher, Imagecraft
Mike Davison, Designer (independent)
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