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Giving Aussie Blokes Back Their National Icon
Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
Carlton & United Breweries
Victoria Bitter
Restoring the Australian beer brand Victoria Bitter (VB) to its former greatness was viewed by many as the impossible task. It’s a brief that many had attempted and failed.
VB hit extraordinary highs in the 1990’s – one in every four beers drunk in Australia being a VB .However despite their unprecedented growth, VB were distracted by one thing: their ageing drinker base. They decided that winning over a younger audience would be the ticket to continued success.
An entirely new way of marketing began.What followed was over a decade of decline, where volume more than halved.VB was a brand on its way to extinction. Much like the Australian beer brand Fosters – an icon itself who had all but vanished from the Australian market.
This is a story of the re-invention of an Australian icon. It highlights the first brave steps that have been taken to solve arguably the trickiest brand problem in the Australian marketing landscape today.
Our paper shows that to return a brand to former greatness you must find the relevant cultural interpretation of your enduring brand promise and values. And no matter how dire your situation, you must never react to single, perceived brand weaknesses in isolation of everything else.
By publicly apologising for some unpopular marketing decisions and finding a relevant interpretation of what our brand stood for – we earned back respect for the brand and returned it to growth for the first time in over a decade.

James McGrath, Creative Chairman, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
Ant Keogh, Executive Creative Director, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
Jim Ingram and Ben Couzens, Creative Directors, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
Ben Couzens,, Art Director, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
Jim Ingram, Copywriter, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
Sevda Cemo, Agency Producer – TV, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
Ben Nash, Agency Producer – Print, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
Mike Derepas, Planning Director, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
Matthew Kingston, Senior Planner: Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
Paul McMillan, Managing Partner, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
Simon Lamplough, Client Services Director, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
John Meagher, Account Director, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
Georgia Field, Account Manager, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
Giselle Tooth, Account Executive, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
Andy Gibson, Chief Marketing Officer, CUB
Andy Meldrum, General Manager of Marketing, CUB
Richard Oppy, General Manager of Marketing, Victoria Bitter & Crown Lager
Craig McLean, Senior Brand Manager, VB
Mim Orlando, Brand Manager, VB
Belinda Brosnan, Asst. Brand Manager, VB
The Wine Is Over
Colenso BBDO/Proximity New Zealand
DB Breweries
Export Dry
DB Export Dry is a great beer. The trouble was, it was a forgotten beer. Nobody thought about it, nobody really cared about it and as a result it had been in decline for decades.
This is a story about rediscovering the heart of a brand and in doing so, rediscovering success. The campaign to relaunch DB Export Dry was like nothing ever seen before in the beer market. By positioning it as the beer that saves men from wine, DB Export Dry reclaimed its rightful place as a sophisticated sub premium beer. Most critically, it managed to turn years of decline into significant growth, all with half the share of voice of its main competitor. This all resulted in the highest ever share of market for DB Export Dry.

Media Agency: Spark PHD, New Zealand

Nick Worthington - Creative Chairman, Colenso BBDO
Levi Slavin - Creative Director, Colenso BBDO
James Tucker - Art Director, Colenso BBDO
Levi Slavin - Copywriter, Colenso BBDO
Simon Vicars - Copywriter, Colenso BBDO
Tim Ellis - Group Account Director, Colenso BBDO
Stefanie Robertson - Senior Account Manager, Colenso BBDO
Patrick Rowley - Account Manager, Colenso BBDO
James Hurman - Planning Director, Colenso BBDO
Hayley Pardoe - Planner, Colenso BBDO
Stacey Stephenson - Media strategy, Spark PHD
Sheriden Derby - Agency Producer, Colenso BBDO
Alistair Guthrie - Photographer , Snapper Ltd
Sarah Hough - Photographer's Producer, Snapper Ltd
Tias Somers - Retoucher, Colenso BBDO
Kate Slavin - Designer, Colenso BBDO
Russell Brown - Group Marketing Manager, DB Breweries
Clare Morgan - General Manager Marketing, DB Breweries
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