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How hiding a restaurant proved that Yellow Pages worked better than ever - The Hidden Pizza Restaurant
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Sensis - Yellow Pages Australia
Yellow Pages

Australian businesses no longer believed in the Yellow Pages, seeing it as merely an out-of-date print directory. The challenge was to change that perception. Yellow Pages came up with a bold demonstration of its effectiveness as a digital advertising tool.


With the annual Yellow Pages selling cycle due to kick off, directories company Sensis realized it had to change advertiser perceptions fast. Its core clients, small businesses, were losing confidence in Yellow Pages’ ability to reach customers and drive sales. The solution started from the recognition that Yellow Pages – both print and digital -was used by 4.5 million Australians a week. Thanks to a distribution deal with Google, its advertisers turn up in Google search results, giving Yellow Pages the largest digital reach of any Australian marketing services brand. That gave Sensis the confidence to show the effectiveness of Yellow Pages with a live product demonstration. It opened a pizza restaurant that could be found only through the Yellow Pages. Customers could only get to it after calling a call center through a number found in the Yellow Pages. Sensis filmed customers’ reactions via hidden cameras in the restaurant and these formed the basis of its advertising campaign. 


The demo worked powerfully on the audience of advertisers, lifting perception scores across the board. The campaign exceeded lead targets by 15% and delivered a $10.80:$1 ROMI (return on marketing investment).










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