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Polident - Denture Cleanser Unites the Generations
MediaCom Beijing

The agency created an online sensation around Mother’s Day and Father’s Day for denture cleanser Polident. It was all about getting young city workers to show they care for their elderly parents back in their old home town. The brand needed to create an impact for several reasons: 1) Denture cleansing tablets are a new category in China. 2) Polident is an unfamiliar brand. 3) Most denture users were satisfied with traditional denture cleansing techniques.


The insight: more than 50 per cent of Polident purchases in China are made by young people for their parents. But in recent years, there’s a social phenomenon of ‘Empty Nest Family’ that many young people have moved to another city or a distant place for work, being far away from their parents. There is a major emotional obligation in China for young people and children to care for their parents. So the agency created an online campaign that tugged at the heart strings of all those young workers in the cities who had left parents at home, making the brand a symbol of caring for your distant parents. A sina.com micro-blog site, created engaging tests to find out how ‘emotionally distant’ users were from their parents in the lead up to Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. The brand also used online viral films. Among all this activity, the parents of online users who registered their parents online received a Polident trial pack as a gift to show that their children still cared.


In this first campaign for Polident Brand awareness more than tripled, sales soared, calls to the Polident hotline increased 150 per cent. The campaign collected data on 21,000 real users for future CRM use.

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