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W.A.L.S. - Women Against Lazy Stubble
BBDO India
Gillette Mach3

Gilette needed to improve the market share for its top-of-the-range Mach3 razor in India. The aim of the campaign was to encourage young men in India's cities to shave more often and to shed the prevailing stubble look.


The strategy was to leverage the previously-unheard views of men's partners and spouses to influence shaving behaviour. Nielsen research revealed 77 per cent of women prefered their husbands to be clean-shaven. Research revealed that to achieve this would require a grassroots movement rather than use commercial advertising, which the target market was likely to reject; they were more likely to be swayed by shifts of opinion among contemporaries. By drawing public attention to the issue, Giletta aimed to encourage women to express their views and spark millions of private conversations about shaving. The campaign idea was to create a social movement called 'Women Against Lazy Stubble' (W.A.L.S.). Beginning as an unbranded facebook page, it ended up as a national news phenomenon after several well-known actresses lent their support.


The campaign was 60 per cent more effective in generating attention than previous Gillette campaigns. It generated four times the expected amount of earned media and publicity and campaign. It tripled Mach3's marketshare and achieved ROI of 1:18.

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