L. Most effective use of product design and packaging

The Shortlist
Shave Sutra
BBDO India
Gillette Mach3 Turbo Sensitive

Gillette’s long-term goal was getting Indian men to shave more often. Reaching this goal required Gillette to overcome two fundamental barriers that men had towards shaving. Firstly, social pressures and the influencing power of role models made stubble “cool”. So, men were ok sporting the unshaven look. And secondly, they didn’t find the shaving experience pleasurable.


The brand’s task, was to reframe the Gillette shaving experience from a boring, mundane chore to a pleasurable delight. The campaign idea was to involve women in the act of shaving their men. Thus was born Shave Sutra, the sensual pleasure of shaving together. Shave Sutra is about making shaving enjoyable and pleasurable by getting women to shave men in fun and exotic positions, inspired by the ancient Indian texts and techniques of lovemaking, the Kama Sutra. The agency created special edition Shave Sutra packs, with the Gillette Mach3 Sensitive variant, that made the shaving experience pleasure-able. It distributed this special edition Shave Sutra packs with the Shave Sutra set of instructional videos, CDs & books to young men at places where they usually hung out with other guys.


Shave Sutra surpassed all the set objectives and expectations. The brand won numerous accolades including two silver Cannes Lions and Gold, silver and two bronzes at Spikes Asia. And the campaign was recognised by P&G as their most effective in Asia.

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