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In 2010, Nescafe 3in1 ran a campaign to get close to the people of Hanoi, the second largest coffee consuming market in Vietnam. Key objectives were to increase customer loyalty and commitment and grow market share among 22-28 year old first jobbers.


People from Hanoi (known as Hanoians) tend to prefer local brands over foreign ones. Nescafe was trying to increase loyalty vis-a-vis G7, a local coffee brand that kept playing the national pride card. Though Nescafe 3in1 was the nationwide market leader, G7 was leading in Hanoi. Lowe Asia Pacific’s campaign was called ‘1000 Hanoian conversations over a Nescafe’ and was created so it could get into the local everyday conversations and give Nescafe a Hanoian citizenship. The campaign was launched during an important time, when Hanoi was completing 1000 years of cultural existence. It had the usual mix of TV, web and outdoor but the brand was looking for something it could do for Hanoians that would be seen as a landmark gesture. The solution was to turn the Nescafe 3in1 pack into the ultimate symbol of Hanoi’s 1000 year celebrations by creating the ‘lacquer limited edition pack’. This pack was adorned with patterns and poetry reflecting Hanoi’s rich culture & history. Its triangle shape was a conscious reference to three historical milestones that shaped the capital of Vietnam and Nescafe 3in1 was the only brand to execute this idea during this important event.


Sales volumes and revenue were up in 2010 compared to the previous 12 months. Increased brand loyalty exceeded our target by 183% and volume growth was 148% ahead of expectations.

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