L. Most effective use of product design and packaging

70 Instant Message Packs
DDB Group & PHD
Vitasoy International Holdings, Hong Kong

DDB Group and PHD wanted to connect Vitasoy with a younger generation and needed to refresh a brand preparing for its 70th anniversary.


The brand saw an opportunity to reconnect to its target consumer by leveraging one of its strongest media channels - its own packs. The agency transformed Vitasoy packs into 70 limited-edition packs that were made available in all sales outlets for consumers to give out messages to those they cared about. Packaging designs in retail and vending machines also effectively created immense shelving impact and generated excitement in the retail environments where competition was most intense. When consumers made the effort to send their friends messages using our packs, they also became part of the brand's communication medium connecting their personal networks with Vitasoy. Besides the 70 greeting messages, Vitasoy let consumers get personal and gave them special blank packs to write their own messages. They could also select their messages using message stickers found in magazines, collect fridge magnets for everyday reminders from convenient stores or even post greeting cards to their family and friends. Through Vitasoy's website, the agency encouraged them to create customised messages and pack designs, upload them to blogs and Facebook to vote for their favourites. All these activities drove sales of Vitasoy drinks, extending its usage consumption to more than just breakfast or hunger occasions.


The launch of Vitasoy's 70 Instant Message Packs managed to narrow the category decline with positive double digit growth during March to April 2010. Total non-alcoholic drinks declined by -0.6% in both value and volume in 2010, but growth was recorded in soya drinks in December.




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