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Imaginary - A Limited Edition, Limited to One. You
Oriental Princess Natural Products, Thailand
Oriental Princess "Imaginary"

As Thailand's major beauty product manufacturer and retailer, Oriental Princess already has millions of customers. The task is to provide appealing and relevant products that satisfy unmet needs in new ways. Specific measurable goals for its new limited edition body/lifestyle line 'Imaginary' included outselling its successful 2009 body scent series; encouraging women's active participation in designing their own packaging, peer engagement via social media; and generating free PR based on its uniquely personal and customised approach to beauty.


Oriental Princess's core target is 25-40 year old women, mid/higher socio-economic status single and married working women who are particularly conscious about their appearance and the impact their style has on others. They are heavily concentrated in urban areas, especially those who are internet users. While beauty is a broad brush, they want to enhance their individualism - it increases their attractiveness to others and at the same time feeling 'comfortable in their own skin' gives them the confidence that radiates to those around them. JWT created approx 90 symbols in the form of stickers, based on women's imagination (via research) that reflect a classic, vintage, dreamlike symbology from flowers to faces, animals to elegant artefacts. Each of the 15 variants (three product types in five scents) can then be customised in an infinite number of ways by the woman designing the pack to reflect her own imagination and taste.


Imaginary was a new limited edition within OP's body fragrance category and sold out within two months. Sales value and volume during the campaign increased across the whole OP body fragrance category.





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