J. Most effective use of branded content

Can the denture wearer stand up and sing
Grey Group and Maxus

In Malaysia, until recently denture wearers had never experienced denture adhesive products, which can help provide a firmer fit for dentures. This lack of category context made them extremely skeptical about the benefits of adhesives and created a reluctance to try Polident. They doubted that a solution consisting of a simple cream could make a difference. To alleviate their skepticism, the brand needed a platform that would lure a ‘malu’ (shy) denture wearer away from the comfort of his or her home and provide a tangible demonstration of the difference Polident makes — in a socially acceptable way.


To do that, the agency broke away from regular advertising and created reality TV instead. With Astro (Pay-TV) it created ground breaking branded content that focused on a singing contest exclusively for people 45 and above — ‘Kilauan Emas’ (Golden Shine). It was a platform that broke through the shame barrier and provided real-time proof of efficacy by demonstrating how denture wearers and their peers could sing with gusto.


Since the category had never before existed in Malaysia, Polident had the tough task of creating a new category and ensuring that denture wearers bought into it. The success of the brand and the category performance is evident from the fact that it tripled growth rates above target.

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