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Nescafe 3in1 instant coffee was a nationwide leader, but it had a problem in Hanoi, where local brand G7 played the national pride card to win the most market share in the city. Lowe would attempt to build loyalty among tradition-minded and nationalistic Hanoi residents for Nescafe 3in1, a foreign brand. The agency wanted to increase the brand's loyalty score in Hanoi, increase its commitment score, and increase market share by 2 percent.


In 2010, Hanoi was celebrating 1,000 years of existence. As a way to become part of the conversation, Lowe launched a campaign based on the idea of ‘1,000 Hanoian conversations over a Nescafe’. The campaign launched with TVCs that featured Hanoians discussing topics specific to their city – weather, food, lakes –and showed how the residents perceive their own city. Then, at a campaign website, the Nescafe encouraged people to share their Hanoi stories, encouraging a two-way conversation. The campaign concluded with the release of a limited-edition Nescafe 3in1 lacquer to honour the Hanoi market.



The brand surpassed its loyalty target by 183 percent, growing brand loyalty by 17 percentage points, compared to previous campaign movements of at best five points. The brand's commitment score shot up by 12 points, overshooting the brand's target by 140 percent. It also grew its Hanoi market share by 7.4 percent against a target of 2 percent. The website generated more than 10,000 conversations about Hanoi, covering thousands of topics. The campaign delivered ROI of $1.76 for every dollar spent.


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