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Say it with kids
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With the Lunar New Year (Tet) around the corner, OMO wanted to thank the millions of mothers who had shown faith in the brand. The challenge was to say 'thank you' without seeming phony. OMO wanted to strengthen the brand's stature, be the most loved brand during Tet, and sell 19.5 million OMO packs in the three months of activity.


The brand used its well-known ‘Dirt is Good’ marketing platform to have children say thanks for all the good their mothers have done, thus tapping into the intense feelings of familial gratitude around the time of Tet. The brand gave kids in schools the materials to plant a seed and design their own pots. For kids it couldn’t reach, it used its website to let kids nurture e-seeds. On Tet day, the pots were given to mothers. TVCs and outdoor advertising helped build emotional impact for the campaign, including one ‘landmark billboard mural’ that was made entirely of 1 million flowers.



OMO was easily the most loved brand during Tet, recording a score of 8.7 out of 10 in a post-Tet track done by Nielsen, bettering even the likes of Coca-Cola and KFC. The OMO Tet commercial was voted 'favourite TVC' during Tet, and enough OMO was sold to last each household in the country for two months. The campaign delivered ROI of $2.33 for every dollar spent, and the OMO brand recorded its strongest-ever brand health score, registering a conviction score improvement of nine percent.


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