G. Best marketing campaign for national brand development

W.A.L.S. - Women Against Lazy Stubble
BBDO India
Gillette Mach3

Tasked with the goal of doubling market share for Mach3, Gillette's top range razor, P&G set out to encourage the young trendy men of India's cities to shave more often, and to shed the prevailing "unshaven look" that was endorsed by virtually every sports star, actor and role model in India. Analysis told the team that they would have to create a grassroots "counter movement" that was authentic, engaging and contemporary.


Nielsen research revealed that 77 per cent of women in the target market preferred their husbands to be clean-shaven. A strategy was developed to leverage the silent views of female partners by creating a social movement called "Women Against Lazy Stubble" (W.A.L.S.) - a publicity and controversy generating campaign that for the first time gave women a voice in how they would prefer their men to look. The campaign began as an unbranded facebook page, and ended up as a national news phenomenon. Once Gillette had the nation's attention, P&G supported the movement by promoting Mach3 razors at a reduced price in a television campaign, and by setting up shaving booths in malls across the country for men to shave (and be shaved by women). The WALS movement also grabbed attention by organising the largest mass shaving event ever.


With a target to double market-share (200 Index), P&G achieved a 300 Index - which is the highest-ever market share that Mach3 has achieved in India.

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