D. Most effective use of interactive marketing

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Break Up
Clemenger BBDO / Clemenger Proximity Melbourne
National Australia Bank

NAB’s focused objectives were to attitudinally, get people to readily link ‘fair value’ to NAB; and behaviourally, to acquire new NAB customers while deepening the relationship with existing ones.


The idea engaged over three very deliberate phases. Seed: first the bank sent a tweet: ‘Sooooo stressed out. Have to make a tough decision and I know I’ll probably hurt someone’s feelings! Arrggghh’, which everyone thought was a mistake as the tweet spread. Impact: a couple of days later on Valentines Day, a number of synchronized pieces of communication were released — a very personal ‘Dear John’ break-up letter directly addressing the other banks appeared in every major national newspaper stating: “Honestly, it isn’t you it’s me… ”. Sixty films of NAB bankers breaking up with other bank’s bankers nationwide launched online. NAB ambushed the other banks with live break-up messages on the streets, outside head offices including a pianist playing broken love songs and in the skies 100 metre long helicopter banners in the major cities announcing: “Dear CommBank, ANZ & Westpac, you’re dumped.”


The campaign cemented NAB in the public consciousness, but beyond the campaign itself, its real legacy has been to create a platform that is delivering a financial performance well above market growth.

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