D. Most effective use of interactive marketing

MILO Cans Next Games
Ogilvy & Mather Kuala Lumpur
Nestlé Products

 Sales for MILO Cans had remained stagnant in the past two years against the backdrop of a thriving teen beverage market. For MILO Cans to break into the teen beverage category, Nestlé needed to reframe MILO Cans from just another format of the ‘kiddy’ MILO they knew into a beverage of choice for teens.


 The very platform that MILO had used to bring out the benefit of success with mums and kids all this time would now be used as an avenue where teens got to decide, and make their own rules. ‘Next games’ was a platform that dared teens to redefine sports. To create optimum context for which ‘Next games’ would launch, Nestlé needed to encourage teens to start questioning the possibility of what sports could or should be. Nestlé engaged Malaysia’s top teen bloggers to seed the idea of creating games or sports that were unheard of, and dared their peers to take up the challenge on their blogs.


‘Next games’ made teens see MILO in a brand new light, beating competition by as high as 16 per cent on scores for key consumption occasions in the teen beverage world.

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