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Flavors of life
Wrigley China
Wrigley's Extra

By the beginning of 2011, stiff competition had started to eat away at Wrigley’s market share. The brand had to find a new way to grow in China. The solution was to create a ‘chewing habit’ around the biggest consumption occasion of gum in China – after meals. The Chinese saying ‘suan tian ku la’ which translates as ‘sour, sweet, bitter, spicy’, and carries with it the double meaning of ‘all the flavours of life’, was used as the basis and inspiration for the brand’s campaign — ‘No matter whether sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, there’s always Extra’.


Wrigley’s four part film of an epic love story depicting a young man and woman on a journey through an entire cycle of ‘sweet, sour, bitter and spicy’ experiences traversed the whole of China from ‘desert to ocean’ — transforming Extra from a chewing gum that is ‘good for teeth’ to a meal time accompaniment that helps you feel good and lets you take on ‘all the flavours of life’.


The ‘Flavours of life’ campaign was covered by almost 400 news outlets, had over 70,000 comments on video and social networking sites, and multiple industry awards — generating over US$20 million in free media — four times the spend.

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