A. Best integrated marketing campaign

W.A.L.S. - Women Against Lazy Stubble
BBDO India
Gillette Mach3

Gillette's business objectives are simple - to get more men shaving, to get them shaving more and to get them buying its razors. But while the last two decades in India had seen sales grow, the recent influence of unshaven film and sports stars had influenced men to adopt a 'designer stubble' look. This had caused sales of Gillette's Mach3 razor to stagnate. The objective was to grow Gillette Mach3 and double marketshare.


After finding that 77% of women prefered clean-shaven spouses, Gillette created a publicity-generating movement called 'Women Against Lazy Stubble' (WALS), aimed at countering men's attitudes to shaving. It started as an unbranded Facebook page where women could express their distaste for stubble. Gillette's agency tipped off the online media and bloggers and momentum grew when three Hindi film actresses added their anti-stubble voices to the movement, leading to every major television network and newspaper covering the story. Gillette then revealed itself as the brand behind the movement and promoted Mach3 in a TV campaign, in-store and at shaving booths set-up in malls across the country.


The campaign was 60% more effective in generating attention than previous Gillette campaigns, tripled marketshare of Mach3; and generated an ROI of 1:18. It generated the highest-ever free media coverage for any P&G campaign across Asia, with media coverage on 75-plus TV channels and publications; while over 10,000 men queued up at malls to get shaved by women.

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