A. Best integrated marketing campaign

70 Instant Message Packs
DDB Group & PHD
Vitasoy International Holdings, Hong Kong

Vitasoy is one of Hong Kong's leading soy drinks brands with a heritage harking back to 1940. In 2010, its 70th anniversary was a cause for celebration, but it also highlighted a challenge faced by the brand - how could it engage with consumers in their 20s and reverse a trend of declining market share?


While Vitasoy appreciated the popularity of social networking, it felt that online communications meant fewer direct human connections. It therefore decided to use an old-school format to allow young consumers to connect with one another - its packaging. The brand created a limited edition run of 70 'Instant Message Packs', each of which carried a different message that consumers could pass on to friends and family. Blank packs that consumers could write their own messages on were also distributed, message stickers were inserted in magazines and fridge magnets were sold in stores. The packaging element of the campaign was supported with, print and outdoor ads, in-store and on vending machines. The campaign was extended online via Vitasoy's campaign website (www.vitasoy70.com), where consumers could create customised messages and upload them to blogs and Facebook.


Vitasoy reversed its declining market share, increasing year-on-year sales by 40% in less than 14 days and by 26% in a month. All 40,000 collectible fridge magnets were sold out in just two days. The campaign also attracted over 20,000 Facebook fans and consumers created and uploaded more than 3,800 designs via the campaign website.


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