A.   Choose the right category
It sounds simple, but the sheer breadth, depth and versatility of the marketing industry mean that there is potential overlap between some of the categories in the awards.

For instance, it is clear that, say, a campaign based around mobile marketing creative and execution fits into Mobile category in Digital Strategy; it can also form an element of a project entered into a bigger category, such as Integrated category in Digital. You may in the meantime enter the same campaign into a Media Strategy category with a focus on the media planning execution of the campaign. 

Please choose your categories wisely depending on the strength of the campaign.

B. Customise your entry
Where projects/campaigns/solutions can be appropriately entered into many different categories, judges do look for different attributes and successes against the criteria set for the specific category. Always customise your written submission based on the category being entered for and showcase results and elements relevant to the category.

C. Use verified results
In all of the categories, judges look for evidence of commercial success. This can be demonstrated in a number of ways but justified facts and figures often tell the story best. It always helps to explain the basis of a successful return on investment for a campaign, project or business success story.

Results must be quantifiable. Always name your source and be clear on the link between the campaign/projects/solution and the results. The judges look for figures that have been verified, measured or audited by a third party such as a research company, media owner, industry measurement tool or industry body.

If your campaign runs over a very short period, beware of attributing the results across an entire year (you can quantify them). Always avoid vague statements such as ‘substantial improvement reported by client’ as your measure of success.

D. Less is best
Be concise and relevant in your written entry – you have only a few minutes to grab the judges’ attention. Also, please ensure file sizes are manageable for the judges’ downloads – long loading and downloading periods should be avoided at all costs.

E. Context
The judges are experts in their field, but may not have intimate knowledge of the particular project or business that has been entered. It always helps to put an entry in the context of the wider business, marketing campaign or, even, specialist marketplace. It can help to think of each entry as a submission to a member of the board in a major Blue Chip company: they will have a grasp of what makes a successful business case, but not necessarily of the absolute minutiae of the international market for purple widget manufacture.

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