"First, and most crucial - think it out and keep it simple - any good argument should be able to be distilled into a clear, well-constructed argument - really, you should be able to explain the context, insight and idea in a single paragraph each." 

  Chris Dobson, Imagination
  2016 Effectiveness Jury
  “If you haven’t done something fundamentally different to the category, you can’t claim you were directly responsible for the effectiveness"

  Rob Campbell, Wieden + Kennedy
  2016 Effectiveness Jury
“It is critical to ensure your entry clearly articulates the objective & KPIs, sets the scene in terms of market environment, and most importantly presents contextualised & substantiated results.

Experienced judges can see straight through any smoke and mirrors, so give your entry the best opportunity by taking the time to ensure no questions can be left unanswered. It is also important to carefully consider the appropriate categories to enter, as this can also either limit or enhance your opportunity for success.”

  Wendy Walker
  2016 Effectiveness Jury
"The good campaigns judges look for are those that recognise a shift in behaviour, the great ones create a change in behaviour.  For them to win though they must clearly have a reason for being there - there is no good marketing without good business outcomes."
 Josh Gallagher, Havas Media
 2016 Media Strategy Jury 
“Tailor the entry. Whilst creating an entry is a time-consuming process that we need to fit in alongside our other day-to-day duties, tailoring the submission to the category is an important part of the process. Otherwise how can we judge it effectively between digital strategy, or innovation or video unless you highlight what made it special in these regards? Each submission needs to illuminate why it is a genuine contender in each category, not leaving it up to the judges to figure it out.”
  Oliver Spalding, DigitasLBi
  2016 Digital Strategy Jury
“I would urge the future participants to stress upon the uniqueness and the business impact of the campaigns they ran. If these two boxes are checked, you are already almost there.”

  Siddharth Sankhe, WE Communications
  2016 Data & eCommerce Jury