The jury panels are made up of leading senior client marketers, marketing practitioners, agency heads, strategists, research & analytics and e-commerce experts from various industries across the Asia Pacific region.

A detailed quantitative methods have been developed for the jury to fairly and accurately benchmark and analyse each entry on its merits through 3 rounds of judging.

The voting is based on 4 criteria:

The strength of the insight and how its generation was based on true consumer and market understanding.

IDEA @ 20%

How the insight shaped the idea, what analysis was used to shape the idea and how the idea supported the business objectives.


Concise and proven evidence of an insightful approach to the overall issue and target audience, while being true to this strategy throughout each of the campaign elements.


A convincing argument establishing a cause and effect between the objectives, strategy and results of the campaign; and other factors such as the effective use of resources and technical excellence in implementing integrated campaigns.


The impact of the digital initiatives on business performance in context of the strategic objective, difficulty of the task at hand, and overall category trends; quantifiable evidence supporting initiative impact from a credible source.


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