• Entrants must make their submissions according to our entry deadlines. This allows sufficient time for entries to be processed and reviewed, and for any issues to be resolved.

  • There can only be ONE (1) entrant company per entry in any category, i.e only the digital agency or the advertising agency can enter a campaign that both parties have worked on in a single Tangrams award.  The same campaign can be entered into a different category by the other agency/company.  All parties concerned should agree on the entrant company for each entry in advance. In the event that a campaign is submitted in one category by more than one agencies/companies, only the first entry will be accepted for that category.

  • Eligible entries must have been commissioned and made within the context of a normal paying contract with a client/advertiser.  Client/advertiser must have paid for all or majority of the marketing costs.  All entries must have been produced with the full knowledge of the trademark/copyright owner of the product or brand advertised.

  • In the event of complaints against any winning or shortlisted entries, the Awards Organiser will conduct a full investigation into each complaint and will request detailed documentation from all parties concerned including the complainant, the entrant and the client.

  • The Awards Organiser reserves the right to request for a full media schedule from each entrant company to verify the authenticity of the campaign entered.  Client/Advertiser may be contacted in relation to implementation or presentation of an entry at the request of the jury at any time during the judging process.The Awards Organiser will have no hesitation in withdrawing an award in the event where the complaint is upheld.

  • It is the responsibility of the entrant to inform the Awards Organiser of any infringement of voluntary or regulatory codes of practice in the market of implementation.  

  • The Awards Organiser may refuse entries which offend national or religious sentiments or public taste.

  • Each entry must comply with the rules detailed.  Failure to do so may result in the entry being disqualified at any point up till the award festival.

  • Entrants who are proved to have deliberately and knowingly contravened any rules of eligibility may be barred from entering the Tangrams for a period of time as decided by the Awards Organiser.

  • The Awards Organiser reserves the right to disqualify any unpaid entries and seek legal actions to claim for any unpaid entry fees.  

  • The entrant is responsible for payment of all entry fees and will be the automatic point of contact for the entry.  Payments must be made and received by the Awards Organiser within 1 week after submission of entry. 

  • Multiple companies/personnel can be credited for their contribution to the campaign entered.  Entrants must ensure that all contributing companies are credited before finalising your submission.  This will enable the credited parties to obtain letter of award verification or purchase of duplicate trophies when necessary.

  • All entries are only considered submitted upon completing the online submission form.  Refer to the SAMPLE ONLINE SUBMISSION for reference on the step-by-step online submission process.

  • Once an entry is submitted and accepted, it will be processed and from this point forth, no cancellation or withdrawal of entries will be accepted.  The entrant will be liable for payment of all entries submitted.

  • By submitting any campaign as an entry into Tangrams Awards, the entrant acknowledges that all materials submitted may be used for Awards purposes (refer to Treatment & Publications of Entries).

  • Entrants may be required to supply additional material of any shortlisted or awarded entry for any promotional publications and exhibitions held during and after the festival.

  • The entrant agrees to assist the Awards Organiser in every reasonable way in supporting any legal action taken against the Awards in relation to the exercise of the rights set out the Treatment & Publications of Entries and to supply information to the Awards organiser immediately should they become aware that an unauthorised collection or compilation including their advertisement is available for sale or distribution.

  • It is the entrant’s responsibility to inform the Awards Organiser prior to the judging up till the awards festival of any infringement on any voluntary or regulatory codes of practice in the country of origin.
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