The e-Commerce Tangrams
recognises innovative commercial e-commerce solutions that have created a demonstrable positive business impact. This can include but not limited to payment solutions, platform design, search analysis, programmatic solutions and more. Entrants must clearly demonstrate how the solution innovate and optimised customer journey and lead to increased customer engagement and commercial success.

There are 2 sections of categories in the e-Commerce Tangrams.  The Product & Services section and the Specialists section on which awards campaigns based on its best practices.

Product & Services categories
Specialists Categories



The same campaign can be entered only once in the Product & Services section

ECP01. FMCG Retail Services
Includes Fashion Retail, Food & Beverage, Consumable Products & Durable Goods

ECP02. Commercial Services
Includes but not limited to Financial Services, Commercial Public Services, Business Products & Services

ECP03. Consumer Electronics & Accessories
Includes but not limited to home entertainment systems, , computers / laptops, gaming devices, VR/AR Devices, televisions, audio / visual equipment & accessories, cameras, personal phone equipment including mobile phones & pagers, computer hardware / software etc

ECP04. Entertainment, Lifestyle & Recreation
Includes travel & hospitality produces and services; festivals, films, movies, leisure events, country clubs, hobbies, social networking sites, publications & media.

ECP05. Pharmaceuticals, Beauty Products, Cosmetics & Toiletries
Includes but not limited to cosmetics, skincare, personal hygiene & grooming products; healthcare products & supplements; OTC medicines, insect repellents, adhesive plasters, skin remedies, contact lenses, hearing aids, prescription drugs, contact lenses, alternative therapies & medicines, virility drugs; DNA tests etc

ECP06. Telecommunications
All telecommunications/telephone and internet services.

ECP07. Other e-Commerce
Other e-Commerce services not mentioned in the stipulated categories.  This can include but not limited to mining, forestry, agriculture, building supplies, hardware, government, infrastructure, utilities, manufacturing, warehousing and supply chain etc.

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Specialists categories

The same campaign can be entered into multiple categories in the Specialists section.

ECS01. User Experience
Awarded to the e-commerce solution that demonstrates a clear customer-centric approach, giving users a seamless and intuitive experience with outstanding UX design that facilities east of use across multiple touch-points to drive e-commerce sales, increase user engagement and change buying behaviour. 

ECS02. Innovation
Awarded to a innovative e-commerce solution or existing solution repurposed in a fresh and innovative way that demonstrates enhanced engagement and delivers business objectives together with business growth. The jury will reward scalable solutions that have a tangible impact on the business model, culture, customer/employee experience, driving measurable growth and transforming how the business operates.

ECS03. Payment System
Awarded to the e-commerce solution that has created a seamless safe payment process for customers, including mobile payments, payment platform integration and order online/pay offline methods.  This applies to software & apps as well as devices & technology.

ECS04. Mobile & Apps
Awarded to the e-commerce solution specifically developed for handheld devices that achieves business objectives and results or the integration of ecommerce functionality in existing or new native apps. 

ECS05. Data
Awarded to the e-commerce solution that collects and leverages customer data to bring the right offer to the right customer at the right time, and to connect it as seamlessly as possible to the brand's other channels, potentially including offline. Entries must clearly demonstrate how different data streams were integrated to provide new insights from planning through to delivery of a creative campaign or client strategy. This may include but not limited to, data collection, fusion, technology enabled integration of data from various sources and connecting data streams.

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If an entry is shortlisted and goes on to be awarded, the shortlist point will no longer be valid.  
Awards are given in each category.  Jury will award Gold, Silver and Bronze to entries that excel in the  respective criteria.  Each category may have more than one Gold, Silver or Bronze awarded; and may also have no awardees at all.
The Platinum is chosen from all entries awarded Gold across all categories within the Data & Analytics Strategy Tangrams.  The Platinum is an elevation of the awarded Gold (from the original awarded category).  There will only be only one (1) Platinum awarded in each Tangrams type. Once elevated to Platinum, it will no longer to named a Gold awardee.  

Entries in the Public Service and Charities categories are excluded from winning the Platinum Award, unless they are supported by a commercial brand.

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