Campaigns can be entered into multiple specialist categories but only once into product & service categories.

Product & Service Categories
EFP01.  Non-Alcoholic Beverages
EFP02.  Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco
EFP03.  Food Products
EFP04.  Home Furnishing, Appliances, Maintenance & Household Products
EFP05.  Pharmaceuticals, Beauty Products, Cosmetics & Toiletries
EFP06.  Other Consumer Products (Including Durable Goods)
EFP07.  Cars & Automotive Services
EFP08.  Lifestyle
EFP09.  Financial Services, Commercial Public Services, Business Products & Services
EFP10.  Publications & Media
EFP11.  Corporate Image & Information
EFP12.  Charities, Public Health & Safety & Public Awareness Messages
Specialist Categories
EFS01.  Innovative Use of Media
EFS02.  Branded Content
EFS03.  Sponsorship and Event Marketing
EFS04.  Insights / Strategic Thinking
EFS05.  Small Budget Marketing Campaign
EFS06.  Marketing Campaign for Regional Brand Development
EFS07.  Marketing Campaign for National Brand Development
EFS08.  Sustained Success
EFS09.  Integrated Marketing Campaign
Special Awards
Platinum Award
Tangrams Agency of the Year
Product & Service Categories
EFP01. Non-Alcoholic Beverages
Coffee, tea, still & carbonated drinks, juices, mineral waters
EFP02. Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco
Beer, wine, spirits, liqueurs, cocktails, tobacco & associated products
EFP03.  Food Products
Meats, fish, seafood, soups, delicatessen, fruits & vegetables, rice, pasta, pizza, sauces, mayonnaise, vinegar, oils, spices, herbs, pre-cooked & prepared meals, frozen, canned, dried foods, baby foods & baby milk, cream, butter, cheese, eggs, milk, margarine & spreads, diet & health foods, chocolate, candy, chewing gum, potato crisps, snacks, nuts & dried fruit, sweet & savoury bars, cakes, biscuits, desserts, sugar, jam, honey, peanut butter, syrup, bread, crispbread, flour, baking ingredients, breakfast cereals, yoghurt & yoghurt drinks, milk desserts, ice cream, flavoured milk
EFP04.  Home Furnishing, Appliances, Maintenance & Household Products
House & garden furniture, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, fridges, freezers, cookers, microwaves, kitchen utensils, appliances & crockery, glassware, bed & table linen, baths, showers & toilets, home decorating & building products, wall & floor coverings, heaters, air conditioners, lamps, clocks, home security products, smoke detectors, tools, garden tools, machinery & products. Detergents, cleaning products, shoe polish, air fresheners, insecticides, foil, cling film & food packaging, light bulbs, batteries (not car batteries), paint, varnish & wood protectors, adhesives
EFP05.  Pharmaceuticals, Beauty Products, Cosmetics & Toiletries
Make-up, skin & nail care products, perfumes, eau de toilette & aftershaves, deodorants & body sprays, shampoos & conditioners, hair dye, hairspray, gel, mousse, dyes, soap, shower & bath products, sun block & tanning products, hair dryers, hair straighteners, hair curlers, OTC medicines & tablets, vitamins & herbal remedies, diet supplements & products, insect repellents, adhesive plasters, skin remedies, anti-hair loss lotions, condoms, pregnancy tests, other pharmaceutical products, hairbrushes, combs, wigs, toothpastes, toothbrushes, mouthwashes, oral hygiene, toilet paper, tampons & sanitary towels, tissues, diapers, razors & shaving products, hair removal products, contact lenses, hearing aids, prescription drugs, contact lenses, alternative therapies & medicines, virility drugs
EFP06.  Other Consumer Products (Including Durable Goods)
Televisions, video players, blank audio & video tapes, cameras, video cameras, film, hi-fi, personal stereos, CD players, minidisks & MP3 players, DVD players, personal phone equipment inc. mobile phones & pagers, musical instruments, sports equipment, bicycles, boats & caravans, toys, games consoles, clothing, footwear and accessories, sportswear, luggage, jewellery, watches, sunglasses, computer hardware and software, computer peripherals, gifts & greetings cards, pens and personal stationery
EFP07.  Cars & Automotive Services
Cars, jeeps and 4-wheel drives, pick-up trucks, vans, lorries, motorbikes, tyres, auto products and services, spare parts, accessories incl. in-car hi-fi, petrol stations, petrol, oil, breakdown & servicing companies, car dealerships, car finance & leasing
EFP08.  Lifestyle
Transport, travel and tourism, airlines, train & bus companies, ferry & cruise lines, travel agencies, tourist boards, hotels, resorts, city & country promotion, car hire, travel passes, leisure & theme parks, gyms, health & diet clubs, sporting events, music festivals, orchestras, exhibitions & shows, nightclubs, bars, etc. museums, art galleries, cinemas & theatres, golf & country clubs, lotteries, gambling, sex toys, dating sites, social networking sites; Stores, including home shopping, restaurants, fast food, department & specialist stores, supermarkets, DIY stores, drugstores, opticians, hairdressers, beauty salons, laundry service, estate agents, photo-processors, TV, video & other rental stores, mail-order companies, online shopping & auctions, pet food & pet care products
EFP09.  Financial Services, Commercial Public Services, Business Products & Services
Banks, building societies, credit cards, current & savings accounts, mortgages & loans, investment companies, personal, health insurance, building insurance, car insurance, pension & retirement plans, real estate investment; apartments and housing; Consumer telecommunications services, internet service providers, directories, yellow pages, postal services, electricity, gas, power & water companies, schools and colleges. Business phone & computer equipment, office furniture & stationery, telecommunication services, accountancy, conference & events services, business postal services, courier services, employment agencies, website development & agricultural & manufacturing equipment; hospitals, private healthcare & clinics, medical & dental services, psychiatrists, sex therapists, plastic surgeons, prescription drugs
EFP10.  Publications & Media
Online newspapers, magazines, TV & radio stations, networks, books, records, CDs, DVDs, TV & radio stations, networks & programmes, encyclopaedias & correspondence courses
EFP11.  Corporate Image & Information
Non-product-based company image, competition & event sponsorship, Christmas messages, company mergers, flotations & relocation, TV programme sponsorship, press releases, press conferences, announcements, PR, employee schemes, internal communication & statements, marketing, website design, advertising agencies & production companies, award competitions & Image libraries.
EFP12.  Charities, Public Health & Safety & Public Awareness Messages
Anti-smoking, anti-drugs, anti-drink-driving, road safety, health, hygiene, Aids awareness, political & religious messages, unions, associations, environmental awareness, government & forces recruitment, state education, racial, ethnic & disability awareness, sex equality, charities, funds, volunteers, Red Cross, blood & organ donation

Specialist Categories
EFS01.  Innovative Use of Media 
Awarded to the marketing campaign that demonstrates the most innovative and effective use of media to achieve consumer engagement, deliver marketing objectives and generate business growth. The marketing strategy could be executed through new media or traditional forms of advertising & communications. Media types include Press, Outdoor, Radio, Screens, and Digital Media etc.
EFS02.  Branded Content 
Awarded to the most innovative and effective branded media programme featuring content creation, product placement or product association. Entries should illustrate the costs from all aspects of the marketing activity, as well as the results and return on investment.
For the purposes of Asian Marketing Effectiveness & Strategy, Branded Content is the creation of, or natural integration into original content by a brand. The purpose of branded content is to deliver marketing messages by engaging consumers via relevant content platforms rather than traditional advertising methods.
EFS03.  Sponsorship and Event Marketing 
Awarded to the campaign that most effectively uses sponsorship and/or event marketing to provide an engaging brand experience to the target audience. Entries must demonstrate how the campaign connected with the target consumer and met the business objectives of the brand. Entries can include organisation of or sponsorship of one-off promotions, product launches, exhibitions, shows, brand experiences, music concerts, sports events, charity walks, fashion shows, tie-ins with television programmes etc.
EFS04.  Insights / Strategic Thinking 
Awarded to the campaign that most effectively used insights/strategic thinking which led to the communication idea and achieved the set marketing objectives. Entries must be supported by business results.
EFS05.  Small Budget Marketing Campaign 
Awarded to the campaign that achieved its marketing and business objectives while adhering to a limited production and media budget of under US$100,000. This category can include retail, sales promotion and point of purchase.
EFS06.   Marketing Campaign for Regional Brand Development 
Awarded to the campaign that most effectively builds a brand presence across at least 3 countries in Asia Pacific. This category is open to all brands whether Asian, or global, that are establishing themselves in the Asia Pacific marketplace.
EFS07.  Marketing Campaign for National Brand Development 
Awarded to the campaign that most effectively builds a brand presence in a single country within Asia Pacific. This category is open to all brands whether Asian, or global, that are establishing themselves in the Asia Pacific marketplace.
EFS08.  Sustained Success 
Awarded to the campaign that demonstrates how a single vision and strategic platform have had the most effective long-term impact on the development and growth of a brand. The campaign strategies must span at least 3 years.
EFS09.  Integrated Marketing Campaign 
Awarded to a campaign that most effectively integrates a range of marketing disciplines to meet set objectives. Campaigns must exhibit a minimum use of 3 marketing disciplines such as direct marketing, event marketing and advertising.

Special Awards (Non -enterable)
Platinum Award 
The best effectiveness campaign from all of the gold winning entries in Effectiveness categories (entries in the Public Service and Charities categories are not eligible for consideration unless they are supported by a commercial brand).
Tangrams Agency of the Year
The award is given to the agency with the highest number of points from the awards received in all the Effectiveness categories. 

Media Supporters
Media Supporters