e-Commerce Solution: Taking an analogue process and making it digital/mobile
Product and Service categories
ECP01.  Retail (Including Fashion, Food and Beverage, Consumable Products and Durable Goods)
ECP02.  Finance (Including Financial Services, Commercial Public Services Business Products and Services)
ECP03.  Electronics (Including Games/Music/Computing)
ECP04.  Pharmaceutical, Health and Beauty (Including Cosmetics and Toiletries)
ECP05.  Travel, Entertainment and Leisure 
ECP06.  Telecommunications
ECP07.  Other e-Commerce (Including Mining, Forestry, Agriculture, Building Supplies, Hardware, Government, Infrastructure, Utilities, Manufacturing, Warehousing and Supply Chain)
Specialist Categories
ECS01.   User Experience
ECS02.   Innovation
ECS03.   Payment System
ECS04.   Mobile and Apps
ECS05.   Data
Specialist Categories
ECS01.  User Experience
Awarded to the e-commerce solution that demonstrates a clear customer-centric approach and understanding of that user's journey that delivers superior business results through the online user experience and/or interface.
ECS02.  Innovation 
Awarded to a newly created e-commerce solution or existing solution repurposed in a fresh and innovative way that demonstrates enhanced engagement and delivers business objectives together with business growth.
ECS03.  Payment System 
Awarded to the e-commerce solution that has created an as frictionless-as-possible payment process for customers, including mobile payments, payment platform integration and order online/pay offline methods.
ECS04.  Mobile and Apps
Awarded to the e-commerce solution specifically developed for handheld devices that achieves business objectives and results or the integration of ecommerce functionality in existing or new native apps
ECS05.  Data
Awarded to the e-commerce solution that collects and leverages customer data to bring the right offer to the right customer at the right time, and to connect it as seamlessly as possible to the brand's other channels, potentially including offline. 

Special Award (Non-enterable)
Platinum Award
The best campaign from all of the gold winning entries in e-Commerce categories (entries for Public Service and Charities are not eligible for consideration unless they are supported by a commercial brand).

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